Probiotic cleaning

We produce different types of probiotic cleaners, the effectiveness of which is based not only on traditional raw materials but also on the live microbes contained in the products that eat organic dirt residues from the surfaces even after cleaning has been completed. The effectiveness of the solutions also extends to the piping.

Probiotic cleaning

SmartPipe produces a range of probiotic cleaning products whose effectiveness is based on the living microbes present in the products, in addition to the traditional raw materials. These microbes break down organic residues on surfaces even after cleaning.

The efficiency of the solutions also extends to the sewerage system

Probiotic cleaning is a safe and effective way to clean, remove odours and stains from hard and soft surfaces. The method incorporates a unique and highly effective modern chemistry, which is a mixture of natural bacterial cultures. SmartPipe's probiotic cleaner ensures immediate cleanliness, after which organic waste and paint will continue to decompose.

Bacteria constantly adapt to their environment by secreting a range of hydrolasic enzymes and biosurfactants. This metabolism is essential for the breakdown of a wide range of organic compounds:

  • animal fat
  • fats
  • proteins
  • starch
  • sugars

SmartPipe supplies probiotic BioTroop Wash products in concentrate packs that can be easily diluted into existing or new canisters.

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