DPT-BC cork pump

The DPT-BC cork pump is a robust and long-life dosing pump for pumping and transferring various liquids. It is ideal for dispensing chemicals such as acids, bases and bacterial solutions. The pump has an easy-to-use control panel that allows precise adjustment of the feed rate and timing from 1ml/min up to 350ml/min, depending on the pump. It is also possible to accurately monitor the amount of chemical fed in using the pump's own counter. Alternatively, an optional level sensor is available for the pump.


Technical specifications:

  • Suitable for acids, bases, bacterial solutions, etc. for pumping
  • Can be mounted directly into a 5-25L canister or 200L drum.

Pump features:

- pump type: peristaltic
- capacity: 60-350 ml/min
- external supply hose: max. length 100 m
- pressure 1 bar

  • Timings based on real-time clock
  • Programmable settings for timing and quantity of doses
  • Chemical level monitoring: based on the calculation of the amount of chemical fed or based on a surface level sensor (optional)

Input settings:

- time feeding (12 feeding times with a feed volume of 1-9999ml)
- auto-feed (feed volume 1-9999ml with repetition 1min - 23h 59min)

  • Manual feed function
  • Power supply: 24 Vdc / current consumption 0,2 ... 0,3 A
  • External power supply
  • Input voltage: 100 ... 240 Vac 50/60 Hz, output voltage: 24 Vdc 15 VA max.
  • Protection class: IP 44
  • Temperature range (use/storage): 0 ... 55°C / -12 ... +65°C
  • External dimensions without canister hose and possible sensor set:
    90 x 80 x 100 mm3, weight: approx. 1 kg

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Director R&D, Business Development
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