At the heart of our strategy is a vision to be the best partner in managing the lifecycle of your place's pipes and a grease-free option for every property.

What is SmartPipe?

SmartPipe is a Finnish cleantech company. Our aim is to anticipate and prevent waste pollution problems in a responsible way.

We serve our customers with our pipeline maintenance and cleaning solutions. We use a natural probiotic cleansing method in our products, which is environmentally friendly and a Key Flag-labelled domestic product innovation.

Our aim is to reduce the world's fat footprint. By reducing waste pollution, we also improve people's daily lives and the well-being of the environment.


Our vision is to reduce the world's fat footprint.

We are not alone in this task. We have the best strategic partners alongside us throughout the value chain. We are an attractive company for our staff and investors alike.

With our customers, we build long-term service partnerships, because we all have the same goal: together we reduce the world's fat footprint. From this message we take ownership.

We act responsibly and sustainably, intelligently and proactively, throughout the life cycle. We tell the story that takes us from building services to clean technology and from there to quality living. At the heart of this story is the human being.

We have a good pipeline ahead of us. First in Finland, then in Europe - and finally in the world.

Our strategy in everyday life

Our mission is to help maximise the life cycle of our customers' pipelines in an ecological and safe way. We want to unblock every grease-clogged pipe with SmartPipe's ecologically intelligent solutions.

We want our customers to have one less thing to worry about.

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