Biological pipeline maintenance

We serve companies and properties with environmentally friendly pipeline maintenance solutions and our service. In our products, we utilize a natural microbial process, which is an environmentally friendly and sustainable Finnish microbiological invention.

SmartPipe develops advanced and efficient pipeline management solutions. These are liquid, multi-cultured bacterial solutions specifically designed to break down fats, oils and animal grease (FOG) and other food waste. SmartPipe's bacterial solutions break down waste, reduce waste accumulation and prevent odours in all demanding environments:

  • kitchens
  • sewer pipes
  • Grease traps
  • grey water tanks
  • degreasers

A high-tech solution

SmartPipe's clean technology solutions are designed to revolutionise biological pipeline treatment. The innovative technology exploits the ability of carefully selected bacteria to efficiently degrade organic waste (FOG) in grey water pipes. The solution is 100% environmentally friendly and a highly efficient way to treat wastewater.

At the forefront of sustainable development

SmartPipe stands at the forefront of sustainable development and responsible action by focusing on the challenges that contribute to environmental degradation. The build-up of FOG waste in sewage pipes leads to blockages, unpleasant odours and ultimately harms the ecosystem. Biological, plumbing solutions can help to address waste problems proactively and responsibly.

A unique recipe

SmartPipe's unique bacterial strains have been carefully tailored to different applications to rapidly break down FOG waste and convert it into harmless by-products - water and carbon dioxide. With the help of bacteria, the natural decomposition process of organic waste not only prevents blockages but also improves the quality of wastewater and the free flow of sewage.

What makes SmartPipe different from other operators?

With unprecedented efficiency and minimal environmental impact, SmartPipe's pipe handling solution is a real gem. By utilising safe bacteria, SmartPipe ensures fast and thorough organic waste degradation, promoting a greener approach to wastewater treatment.

With SmartPipe's biological pipeline treatment, you too can contribute to a cleaner future and make a commitment to reducing your fat footprint.

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