Ecological Intelligence

SmartPipe is a Finnish cleantech company. Our goal is to anticipate and prevent problems arising from waste hazards responsibly.

Our microbiological solutions effectively remove fats, oils, grease, and odors that reduce people's well-being and burden buildings.
Our natural cleaning and maintenance solutions work efficiently, reliably, and responsibly. They can be used to keep pipelines and other civil engineering systems clean, maintain their reliability and strengthen their life cycle.

Because your plumbing is worth it

We identify hidden waste hazards, anticipate them, and prevent them even before they cause greater damage. Our microbiological solutions effectively remove fats, oils, grease, and odors that reduce people's well-being and burden buildings.

SmartPipe really works

Plumbing maintenance for restaurants

We help restaurants keep their pipelines running and odor-free. We ensure trouble-free business operations and better working conditions for the employees.


Commercial piping management

Our unique service concept and technology keeps pipelines in good working condition. We effectively eliminate business risks related to piping and bring clear savings through operational reliability.


Piping maintenance in housing companies

We help to maximize the lifespan of housing companies' piping, eliminate blockages and odors, and bring living comfort with reliability.



All our operations are carried out in a way that values the environment and does not burden the nature. Our products are developed in a way that they invariably have a measurable impact on the world's carbon handprint - For all our customers.


Green values

We invest in respecting green values in all our operations. We always use plant-based raw materials in our products. The energy used in our production comes from wind power and our company's delivery trucks use domestic biodiesel as fuel.



Our deliveries are responsible, whether it concerns the raw material supply chain, subcontractors, logistics or the materials we use. In our customer contacts, we also want to become a supplier of responsible solutions for customers that promote transparency.


Lifecycle management

Our solutions significantly enhance the lifecycle management of our customer's properties and so that the benefits are measurable. By centrally improving life cycles, we save operational costs, materials and reduce the burden on nature.


SmartPipe System Oy has registered this trademark. We want companies to pay more attention to the amount of fat produced and its ecological processing.

There are no established ways to calculate the fat footprint produced by a company in the industry yet, but we want to be involved in developing a new standard for calculating this.
We believe that consumers have the right to know the amount of fat footprint produced by a company now and in the future.

SmartPipe’s subsidiary Inntech designs and manufactures its own products in Espoo

SmartPipe System's parent company is InnTech Europe Ltd, which produces high quality dispensing pumps for various applications. InnTech ...

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We help our customers keep drains, grease separation wells and urinals running with our unique service concept and technology. We can efficiently eliminate business risks related to our customers' pipelines and bring clear savings through operational reliability.

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