Biological odor removal

Our microbiological solution helps to effectively remove different types of organic odors with the help of microbes. The technology of the solutions instantly encapsulates odors and microbes eat the odor sources.

Biological odor removal

Biological deodorisation is a solution for controlling unpleasant odours, combining effective modern chemistry with a special blend of natural bacteria.

A powerful deodorising antibody encapsulates the malodorous molecule, making it undetectable. The microbes then adapt to the nature of their environment and sense where any additional odour may be coming from, preventing the odour from re-forming.

Proactive odour-neutralising bacteria take advantage of natural micro-organisms. These bacteria work to break down odour-causing organic compounds such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The bacteria are usually mixed with a liquid or solid and applied or sprayed to the area where the smell originates. Bacteria start to multiply and consume the organic compounds that cause the unpleasant odour, neutralising the smell completely.

BioTroop OdorEx is a safe and ready-to-use multi-purpose product for removing odours from hard and soft surfaces. The product is environmentally friendly and can be used in a wide range of environments from wastewater treatment plants to livestock farms, food factories and manufacturing plants. The product is also suitable for households to effectively remove odours from pets, litter or other sources.


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