Our story

Because your plumbing is worth it

There is too much waste in the world. More and more of it is being produced, at an ever-increasing pace and over an ever wider area. A lot of it is also hidden and not anticipated. Our job is to ease this problem with solutions that are unique in their simplicity.


Taking care of the environment together

We identify hidden waste hazards, anticipate them, and prevent them even before they cause greater damage. Our microbiological solutions are effective in reducing waste, grease, hygiene and odour problems that reduce human well-being and burden building services.

Our natural cleaning and maintenance processes work efficiently, reliably and responsibly.

They can help keep pipes and other building systems clean, maintain their reliability and strengthen their life cycle.

When we take care of our environment, we also take care of our well-being. And not just for our own, but also for future generations.


One pipe at a time towards a better future

We are not alone in this task. We have the best strategic partners alongside us throughout the value chain. We are an attractive company for our staff and investors alike.

With our customers, we build long-term service partnerships, because we all have the same goal: together we reduce the world's fat footprint. From this message we take ownership.

We act responsibly and sustainably, intelligently and proactively, throughout the life cycle. We tell the story that takes us from building services to clean technology and from there to quality living. At the heart of this story is the human being.

We have a good pipeline ahead of us. First in Finland, then in Europe - and finally in the world.



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