DPT-CM Cork pump

DPT-CM dosing pumps tailored to customer needs. Ideal for pumping a variety of liquid chemicals. Contact us and we will design a pump to suit your needs.


Technical specifications:

  • Suitable for acids, bases, bacterial solutions, etc. for pumping
  • Can be mounted directly into a 5-25L canister or 200L drum.

Pump features:

- pump type: peristaltic or diaphragm pump
- 1-2 channel available for customer selection
- capacity selectable e.g. 3-350 ml/min
- maximum length of external supply hose 200 m
- pressure 1-8 bar

  • Activities/programmes tailored to customer needs
  • If necessary, e.g. the following functions
    • manual feed function
    • signal function
    • various calculators
    • pwm function

Input settings:

- Individual programmed doses can be defined
- Power supply: 12-24 Vdc / current consumption 0,2 - 0,3 A

  • External power supply
    input voltage: 100 ... 240 Vac 50/60 Hz, output voltage: 12-24 Vdc 12-15 VA max.
  • Protection class: IP 44
  • Temperature range (use/storage): 0 ... +55°C / -12 ... +65°C
  • Lengths of supply and suction hoses supplied according to customer requirements
  • Possibility to have your own logo
  • External dimensions without canister hose and possible sensor set: 90 x 80 x 100 mm3, weight: less than 1 kg

Contact our professionals:


Mikko Eskola

Director R&D, Business Development
+358 50 5550660

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