Pipeline cleaning for professionals

BioTroop BL-20

Biological odor removal and degreasing agent for professional use

Biological odor removal and degreasing agent for professional use

Microbial-based concentrated liquid designed for dissolving fats, oils, and solid grease deposits (FOG) in pipelines and grease traps.

  • Uniquely formulated, highly concentrated product for handling grease-based dirt
  • Developed to meet low dosage requirements and long maintenance intervals
  • Contains bacterial strains that break down fats and oils, achieving maximum efficiency
  • Forms biological enzymes that break down lipases and fatty acids
  • Bacterial strains capable of surviving in the low pH environment of an active grease trap
  • Resistant to chlorine and other powerful chemicals found in cleaning agents
  • Product contains Bacillus bacteria in 100% spore form
  • Long product lifespan
  • SmartPipe’s quality-controlled manufacturing process ensures high product purity
  • Can be manually dosed or dispensed using the SmartPipe DPT Cap pump



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BioTroop Ultra

Ultraconcentrated Biological odor removal and degreasing agent

Environmentally friendly and safe piping treatment agent for professional use.

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