Toilet and drain cleaning for professionals

BioTroop Sani

Dual action toilet cleaner

A cleaner that acts both as a toilet cleaner and keeps pipe components free of organic residues.

BioTroop Sani is a dual-function cleaner that acts both as a toilet cleaner and keeps the toilet pipe components free of organic residues. Suitable not only for households but also for professional use.

Contains environmentally friendly acids with a lactic acid base. Acids work effectively on calcium carbonate-based calcium deposits and urinary calculi.

BioTroop Sani’s beer form

Lightly perfumed gel
Strongly acidic, pH2


Dual action detergent. See the separate safety data sheet for details.

Instructions for use

Dispense 10-20 ml of the cleaner into the toilet bowl and brush clean. Rinse.

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BioTroop Sani

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