Towards a smaller fat footprint

The FOG footprint is all the organic waste that ends up in sewers as a result of human life. This build-up of waste in the sewerage system causes pipe fragility, odour and blockages, and puts a strain on water treatment plants, which can lead to environmental problems such as eutrophication of water bodies.

In Helsinki, for example, around 40 tonnes of fat are removed from sewers every month, which significantly reduces the performance of the sewerage system. The annual costs of cleaning and logistics fall on the wallets of city dwellers. (HSY.)

Chemicals and fats strain the environment

You should not pour just anything down the drain. Not all harmful substances in waste water can be removed by treatment plants, so they end up in water bodies. For example, pipe cleaning chemicals are often highly toxic.

What other means do we have at our disposal?


Each of us produces several kilos of waste fat a year. Some of it goes down the drain.

When we wash our dishes manually or mechanically, we also flush organic waste into the sewage system with the wash water. Over the years, this causes problems such as blockages and pipe fragility.

What can you do to reduce your FOG trail?

Together we can do better

Smartpipe's solutions provide relief from plumbing and drainage problems, but they alone will not solve or eliminate our grease footprint. Each of us can do small things to keep our pipes and our environment cleaner.

Let's think together for our environment.


We are committed to reducing our FOG footprint.

Let's all commit to reducing our FOG footprint

We can all make a smaller impact on our environment through small actions that eventually turn into big impacts. Building societies and businesses must have clear guidelines for waste recycling and sewage use.

Order a "Towards a smaller FOG footprint" sticker from us to stick on your business window or door. With the sticker you show that you are (are) helping to reduce the burden on the environment.

Reducing your FOG footprint is a concrete act of responsibility.

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