Commitment to a FOG footprint is an act of responsibility

Commitment to a FOG footprint is an act of responsibility

In Helsinki, around 40 tonnes of fat are removed from drains every month, which significantly reduces the performance of the sewerage system. The annual costs of cleaning and logistics fall on the wallets of city dwellers. (HSY)

The most common organic deposits that build up in the plumbing over time are oil, grease, starch, hair and detergent residues. Flushing with water alone is not enough to remove all the waste from the pipe – especially the tightly adhering grease.

Our ecological plumbing solutions are an effective part of the solution,
but there are other things you can do to reduce your FOG footprint.

Commitment to a FOG footprint is an act of responsibility

You can make a difference in reducing your FOG footprint

The accumulation of waste in the sewerage system causes pipe fragmentation, odours and blockages, and puts a strain on water treatment plants. There are several things that building societies and properties can do to reduce the amount of organic waste entering the sewage system.

  • Recycling of fatty waste, especially cooking fat
    appropriately. Do not throw kitchen waste down the drain.
  • Careful cleaning of dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
    Sort food scraps into bio-waste.
  • Promoting a culture of recycling by discussing the issue. Finns
    are world leaders in recycling, but you can always act
  • Wastewater pre-treatment with grease traps in commercial buildings
    and restaurant kitchens. The advanced Filta Cyclone range we represent
    -fat traps are the perfect part of FOG recovery before
    from entering the sewage system.
  • Bacteria-based solutions, such as BioTroop microbial products
    use to break down grease waste from pipelines. Microbes use
    feed the pipeline with organic waste and operate as long as the
    there is plenty of food for them.

One problem related to grease waste is butterfly midges. We are currently receiving a lot of contacts about properties invaded by butterfly moths – both old and nearly new houses. However, you can get rid of nasty insects quickly with our biological plumbing treatment. As a bonus, you also contribute to reducing your fat footprint and improve the comfort of your property and the condition of your plumbing.

control of drain flies

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