Clean seafaring with the cooperation of Finnlines and Smartpipe

Clean seafaring with the cooperation of Finnlines and Smartpipe

Finnlines Finncanopus Finnsirius

Finnlines’ new vessels Finnsirius and Finncanopus have adopted SmartPipe’s intelligent dispensing system, which improves the efficiency of the ship’s piping, promotes sustainability and saves the shipowner maintenance costs. The Finnish dosing system keeps the vessel’s pipelines clean first in the world without use of heavy chemicals.

By centralizing biological pipeline maintenance products and the dosing system with a reliable single provider, we save costs and streamline our procurement chain. We are constantly developing our fleet and seeking new innovative technologies that reduce environmental impact. This SmartPipe’s intelligent dosing system is a practical example of advancing sustainability in our fleet,” says Pasi Väänänen, Technical Inspector at Finnlines.

The automated pipeline maintenance dosing system installed on ships reduces maintenance costs and decreases the use of cleaning agents. Both black and grey water pipes have their own dispensers.

In the ship’s extensive sewage network, thousands of liters of fluids are in motion across kilometers.”

Finnlines’ investment in developing wastewater treatment with new solutions is also evident in the kitchens. The ship’s five kitchens are in constant use, and even there, the drains face waste load. Accumulation of organic waste and food residues is significant, especially in large-scale kitchens. Microbial solutions developed by SmartPipe, particularly targeting issues arising from grease waste, prevent problems and improve both the comfort of employees and customers. n an ideal situation, the microbial solution is introduced in new pipes, as Finnlines has done. This allows the pipes to flow freely, and waste does not adhere to the inner surface of the pipe, thanks to the biofilm formed. When organic waste doesn’t get stuck in the pipelines and cause blockages, the unpleasant odors associated with dirty drains are also kept at bay.

For the new vessels, SmartPipe has created a customized dosing system that automatically dispenses detergents to several dispensing points in the kitchen.” The system is designed to save time, space, and materials, while simultaneously reducing the negative environmental impacts of wastewater.

A domestic, centralized dosing system not only provides a safe and healthy working environment but also ensures a seamless user experience. The system is designed to be maintenance-free, ensuring that the ship’s kitchens can operate flawlessly in all conditions. Pasi Väänänen from Finnlines emphasizes that the collaboration with SmartPipe has been smooth, and the effectiveness of the products has met expectations well.

The innovation is part of Finnlines’ commitment to responsibility, safety and cost-efficiency in professional kitchens. SmartPipe’s dispensing system is a demonstration of how technology can improve everyday efficiency and contribute to sustainable development in shipping.

Read more about Finnlines’ new vessels here.

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