An effective solution for blocked pipes – The new Power Plumber opens pipes quickly

Power Plumber quickly unblocks blockages

Everyone knows that blockages in pipes and drains can be annoying and inconvenient problems in everyday life in the home. That’s why we have started to represent the unique Power Plumber pipe opener in Finland, which offers a quick and safe solution for all types of blocked drains. With a pipe opener, you can clear clogged or slow-flowing drains in just seconds without the need for harmful chemicals. The product is proven to be an effective and valuable addition to the environmentally friendly plumbing of buildings. Our partners in the plumbing industry have tested the product over the winter and the feedback has been very positive. HVAC professionals have been impressed by the product’s small size, ease of use and efficient results.

Watch the video to see how effective and fast Power Plumber is for even the toughest blockages:

Power Plumber uses a gas that expands in contact with water. This unique feature creates a powerful pressure and tidal wave in the sewer, flushing the pipe clean for up to 20 metres. With controlled pressure, Power Plumber makes drain cleaning quick and effortless. A bottle of gas is enough for about 15 pipe openings.

Originally a Danish innovation, it has become a success in its home country. We are delighted to have been granted exclusive rights to resell the product in Finland. The first batches of products have already been sold. Are you our next customer? Please contact our sales team.

Power Plumber can be used by both households and plumbing professionals. The product is now available for corporate sales and will also be available for consumer sales during the winter of 2024.

Power Plumber
Power Plumber – pipe opener

You can rely on the efficiency and safety of your new pipe opener to clean your pipes and drains. Like the plumbing solutions developed and manufactured by SmartPipe, Power Plumber is a carefully selected product in our range. Efficient, fast and easy – these features make the pipe opener the clear choice for solving pipe blockages.

Instructions for use:

  • Place the Power Plumber in a blocked sink or drain.
  • Fill with water until the cap is covered or fill directly into the cap.
  • Press the container against the drain for about 1-2 seconds and repeat if necessary.
  • When opening, keep a towel over the overflow opening to prevent water splashing.
  • For blockages in floor drains and toilets, use the Power Plumber rubber adapter.
  • The gas is enough for about 15 pipe openings.

Safety tips:

  • If the blockage has not opened after the third attempt, contact your HVAC professional.
  • Do not use in pipes containing acid residues or other strong chemicals, as splashes can cause skin or eye damage.
  • Be careful with nearby drains, as the pressure from the Power Plumber can cause water to rise through them.
  • The product is not suitable for vacuum piping.

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