Korkeasaari got rid of odors and blockages by cooperating with SmartPipe

Korkeasaari zoo has been our customer since summer 2022. The cooperation with the zoo is particularly inspiring for us, as respect for nature is an important common value for both Korkeasaari and SmartPipe.

The challenges related to the maintenance of the zoo’s pipelines became apparent through SmartPipe’s contact. The number of visitors to Korkeasaari is high, which puts a strain on the restaurants, toilets and other public spaces of the busy park.

In our survey, it became clear that there is room for improvement in the customer comfort of restaurants and toilets, and the properties on the island suffer from odors and blockages in the pipelines. The zoo received customer complaints about odours, which also caused extra work for the property management.


Toilet facilities in Karhulinna. Photo by Annika Sorjonen, Korkeasaari Zoo.

Our environmentally friendly technology and Korkeasaari work with respect for nature

Toilet clogs and odours from organic waste in pipes are unpleasant nuisances in any space – and surprisingly common.

Our organic microbial solution biologically and environmentally destroys the organic waste in your plumbing. Waste accumulates both in toilets and in the plumbing in restaurants’ kitchens. Odours and blockages, especially from urea, are a common problem in toilets, and our service can help quickly. Environmentally, our microbial-based product reduces the environmental impact of wastewater and facilitates the wastewater treatment process.

We started ecological plumbing treatment using our microbial solution and its automatic dosing in Korkeasaari in the summer. Within a few weeks, the odours in the toilets started to diminish. Our automatic microbial solution dispensing service is also available in restaurants in the area.

A SmartPipe technical expert will ensure the correct dosage of the microbial solution for each property and plumbing system. As problems disappear, the amount of solution is also intelligently optimised and the pipeline management is streamlined to prevent similar problems.

Korkeasaari’s environmental and real estate expert says that the SmartPipe service has eliminated odours in different areas and toilet clogs that had been bothering visitors to the island. Customer satisfaction has improved, especially in toilets, and the workload for building maintenance has been reduced.

The public watching the bears being fed. Photo by Annika Sorjonen, Korkeasaari Zoo.

Korkeasaari Zoo is doing important conservation work

The Korkeasaari Zoo, founded in 1889 and located on the outskirts of Helsinki city centre, is not only a great place for families to spend time, but also an international conservation organisation. Korkeasaari breeds endangered animals together with other zoos involved in conservation to ensure the survival of species and takes part in reintroduction projects.

The zoo also raises funds for conservation in the wild, conducts research to support conservation and runs a Wildlife Hospital to help native wildlife. In autumn 2023, Korkeasaari will host the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) conference. The international zoo community works together to protect biodiversity.

Around half a million visitors come to Korkesasaari every year, each of whom supports biodiversity conservation with their visit. The zoo is open all year round – plan your next visit to Korkeasaari here: https://www.korkeasaari.fi.

Article photo: The Amur tiger cub is one of the most popular animals at the zoo. Photo by Annika Sorjonen, Korkeasaari Zoo.

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